Your smart digital assistant for personalised, holistic healthcare.

A secure, online, preventive healthcare solution for physicians, fitness coach, dieticians, care providers, patients, families and users. Helps with prognosis and comprehensive diagnosis of medical conditions for better care. Make a vital leap, towards personalised healthcare.

All health data. One view

Real-time access to your digital, structured health data from doctors, labs, pharmacies, devices and apps.


Clinical Data

Go paperless! Access all medical records in an intuitive, centralized timeline - anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Lifestyle Data

Track vitals and health conditions online. Keep record of nutrition, diet and activity charts. Health devices, wearables, apps data integration.

Genetic Data

For the first time ever, gain a comprehensive 360° understanding of your genetic predisposition, inherited risks, body-type and wellness programs most suited to your natural strengths.

Better Outcomes

Keep track of your personalized fitness goals and wellness action plans to achieve improved results. Faster. Together.


Everyone’s genetic composition is unique, so should be the way healthcare is delivered to each individual.


Preventive Healthcare

An integrated healthcare platform for care providers and users.
One-click access to all our services on-demand.

Smart Lifestyle

Know your inherited risk and predisposition to lifestyle diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular, cancer or diabetes. Monitor biochemical parameters not tested in diagnostics.

Smart Fitness

Eat right, exercise right, feel right. Know fitness programs that play best to your innate strengths. Genetically guided fitness. Personalized.

Smart Nutrition

Understand your weight-loss potential, body-sensitivity to eating habits. How well your body processes carbohydrates? Diet choices to complement your metabolic health.

Smart Personal

Wouldn’t we all like to know if and when we are going to lose our hair, develop premature greying or skin ailments? Stop guessing. Knowing genetic risks can save your hair and skin.

Smart Prenatal

Knowledge is reassuring. Get vital information about your baby as early into your pregnancy, from a simple non-invasive test. Plan with confidence.

Smart Brain

Do you have a natural talent for some subjects? Determine your preparation techniques and problem solving abilities. Identify inner traits that may help you fast-track learning.

Our Partners

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providers to address your end-to-end healthcare needs.

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Lifestyle and health App

About Us

Simply put, a comprehensive yet easy productivity tool for doctors, patients and our users to monitor complete health information online.

Holistic Healthcare

Multi Capability

Awarded most innovative startups at various events held across Asia, we are a integrated and secure, online, preventive healthcare solution for -

  • physicians, hospitals, clinics, labs, other healthcare providers and patients;
  • to help with early and comprehensive diagnosis of medical conditions;
  • using technology to quickly, conveniently and securely record, store, access, analyze and share a patient’s clinical, genetic and wellness information.
  • - improving the speed, quality, safety and cost of patient care.

Functional Details

Medical Records

Quickly, conveniently and securely record, store, access, analyze and share a patient’s clinical, genetic and wellness information. Comprehensive assessment for holistic healthcare.

Feature Rich

Fast hi-res A4/A5/film scan, quick user registration, e-assessment, e-appointments, clinical notes, standardization, medicine database, baseline summary creation.

Smart Analytics

Doctor and user mobile apps. Reporting by gender, location, disease, problem symptom, vitals, age etc. Your personalized, preventive healthcare action plan to achieve your goals. Faster. Together.

Health Alerts

Wellness SMS alerts, bulk SMS, campaigns, in-app notifications, reminders for medication and appointments, health checks.

Fitness Planner

Measure and track client progress, customized activity planner, diet recommendations, schedule follow-ups on mobile.

Full Customization

Integrate with your business website, custom notes, forms, templates by specialty, growth charts, billing, scheduling, reporting.


We are PRO healthcare, a service used by our members for their
Preventive, Rehabilitative or Operative healthcare needs.







Meet The Team

A balanced mix of healthcare, genetics, bioinformatics professionals; scientists; molecular biologists; sales & marketers and of course technologists building products at scale.
What drives us is a collective vision to build a better healthcare ecosystem, for our loved ones and you!


Sriram Prasad

Co-founder & CEO

Sales | Business Development
Sales & marketing pro, previous tech startups in marketing automation, healthcare and edtech across South-East Asia and India.


Dr. Jameel Khan

Chief Scientific Officer

Products | Customer Success
Scientist turned entrepreneur, a PhD in toxicogenomics and post-doctoral work in cancer biology & nanoparticle based targeted drug delivery.

Shyam Bulandi

Senior Scientific Officer

Lab Management | Operations
Life sciences pro, 14+ yrs. in R&D, molecular diagnostics, lab accreditation, application support and product specialist.

Shekhar K

Technology Partner

Product Development | Strategy
Awesome tech dude who simply gets things done. Is usually up to his funny, witty self except when catching bugs. That’s serious work!

Decades of Experience


How It Works?

Clinical + Wellness + Genetics = Holistic Healthcare.
Our individual genetic profile in combination with our diet, lifestyle and environment dictates our health and wellness. Now and into the future. We put the power of personal genetics in your hands, helping you and your healthcare provider with a comprehensive 360° view of all clinical, wellness and genetics data for better outcomes. We are the first to do this and are a leading provider of preventive healthcare solutions today.

Designed to maximize your potential, our DNA tests identify how your unique genetic profile may impact your body’s response to clinical, wellness, metabolic and drug sensitivity. Each test is designed to explore a combination of genetic markers to determine inherited risks; disease predisposition; body-type; nutrition parameters; innate strengths like problem solving abilities and memory potential; as well as the genes responsible for processing medications. It all begins with a simple, non-invasive, 3-step process:

  • Your care provider [doctor, coach] will collect your buccal cell sample which contains your DNA using mouth swab;
  • Your sample will be sent to our lab, placed conveniently inside the self-addressed, courier-fees paid collection bag shipped along with the kit;
  • Your sample is then analyzed and your report is ready for your care provider within 2-3 weeks, with your results and detailed recommendations.
  • Your results from specific genetic profiling can help your care provider like your physician, physiotherapist, fitness coach or nutritionists decide outcomes and activities that can mean all the difference between reactive and preventive healthcare. For instance what diet will suit your body-type; exercise and fitness recommendations based on power or endurance profile; weight-loss and personal care plans; treatment pathways and prevention therapies against disease onset; lifestyle disease risks; injury and inflammation risk; medication and doses that may work best for you and the ones that may not or may potentially cause adverse reaction.

    Setting genetic baselines will help your care providers personalize approach and remove trial and error, often with costly products. Genetically guided outcomes. Personalized.

    We use hundreds of references to research publications to bring you the genetic information in our tailor-made reports. We treat your data with the importance it deserves. Your data is owned and securely accessible by you and by your healthcare provider in cases where the request for genetic test originated from the care provider. You may choose to share your genetic, wellness or clinical data with your care provider; whether from within our web and mobile applications or from outside our system.

    No longer are we the best kept secret in preventive healthcare, trusted by several doctors and users including orthopedic surgeons, cardiologists, general physicians, endocrinologists, pediatrics, gynecologists, nutritionists, dieticians, fitness coaches, gym instructors, and cosmetologists, among others. Your secure healthcare data vault is accessible from one location, anytime, anywhere, on any device. We are now streamlining product strategy and validating our vision, apart from socializing the concept with angels and early-stage investors to raise our seed investment. Things appear to be falling in place…Oh well! Now back to business.


    Our solution is designed to make it easy and super-efficient for doctors and care providers [like dieticians, fitness coach] to manage patient or client health information centrally. In addition, it’s a one-of-a-kind solution allowing care providers a comprehensive 360° view of patient’s clinical, wellness and genetic data for better care. More importantly, it offers patients complete control of their healthcare information, in a simplified view, on-demand. Our connected healthcare platform is presently used by hospitals, polyclinics, doctors, patients, families, labs, pharmacies, diagnostic centres, telemedicine and remote consultation solution providers, gyms, skin and hair clinics, healthcare professionals [including nutritionist & dieticians] to offer complementary services.
    The test is non-invasive, easy to administer, and requires less than 2 minutes to self-collect a sample. In most cases, sample containing your DNA is collected using a simple buccal swab, as per the instructions enclosed in your diagnostic kit. The test doesn’t require blood samples and if the instructions are followed in order we may be able to get a good oral sample for DNA extraction and analysis. However, you may choose to provide a 3-5 ml blood sample instead. You or your care provider [physician, fitness coach] will collect and then send your sample to our genetic clinical laboratory for further analysis.
    We’re pioneering a new paradigm in which personalized healthcare is available, affordable and accessible to all. We know everyone’s DNA is unique, and so too should be the way we care for them.

    In our endeavor to focus on comprehensive healthcare, the genetics report is one vital piece of information that your care provider can use, in combination with your clinical and wellness data, to discover new insights and help guide the selection of personalized treatment pathways for you. For example, by knowing your drug sensitivity your physician can identify which medications may be more effective and may be less likely to have unwanted side effects. Similarly, your dietician may identify the right balance of micronutrients, anti-oxidants and nutrition to not only improve your weight-loss goals, but also keep your skin nourished in the process.

    In providing a comprehensive, one-of-its-kind healthcare solution we take privacy and security very seriously. We sign strict data-confidentiality contract terms with healthcare practitioners, our clients and users; ensure that all genetics tests, analysis and reporting is carried out at our own accredited lab; as well as maintain industry-accepted security standards for our website and mobile apps. All your healthcare information is private and is accessible only by yourself, our trained genetic counselor and/or your authorized care provider [in cases where the request for genetic tests and input of clinical data is initiated by the care provider].

    Fun Facts

    A repeatable, scalable business growing at the speed of our doctor and patient partnerships. Our collaborations further add to this exponential growth.


    Our Pricing

    Access to our services is attractively priced for individual users, doctors, clinics, hospitals, and labs. Explore our standard offerings or contact us for a custom quote.

    • ₹ 14,999

      $ 299
      GenixPRO™ Medicine
    • Personalized Drug Analysis
    • Mobile & Web health app*
    • Customized medication alerts
    • Biannual research updates
    • Secure health records*
    • Online report & consult
    • ₹ 24,500

      $ 499
      GenixPRO™ myBRCA
    • Breast | Ovarian Cancer risk
    • Genetics trained physicians
    • Quarterly research updates
    • Customized health alerts
    • Secure health records*
    • In-person genetic counseling
    • ₹ 35,000

      $ 799
      GenixPRO™ myPrenatal
    • Non-invasive Foetal Health Test
    • Quarterly research updates
    • Share & chat with doctors
    • Customized health alerts
    • Secure health records*
    • In-person genetic counseling

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    Every human cell contains a nucleus with chromosomes, that carry the building blocks of life (or DNA) arranged in specific groups (or genes), which are responsible for all our biological characteristics. Often person-to-person genetic differences result from gene mutations (or changes) that may either directly cause disease (e.g. sickle cell anemia) or combine with dietary and environmental factors to increase the probability of disease occurrence (e.g. diabetes, obesity, heart disease and stroke).

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